1. Do you offer chrome?

2. The Clutch Hub Doesnt Fit on the Transmission Shaft?

A. If you have an imported transmission there are problems with some of their quality and tolerances . Our belt drives are designed around a stock Harley.

B. If you have an 06 Dyna or newer. Harley Changed the input transmission spline. We currently don't make one for this model.

3. Can i install the belt drive myself?  Our belt drive must be installed my a reputable repair or harley dealership to follow our warranty. 

4. Do you make a belt drive for a shovel? Not yet.

5. Do you sell a belt drive that will fit a big dog?  Yes we DO! (Hell Hound)

6. I have a big inch motor (145 cu and up) will your clutches hold up? There hasn't been a motor that our clutches hasn't been able to handle. 

7.Do you have a belt drive that will fit a Bagger? Yes

8.I want to put an ENGINE oil cooler on but won't it overheat the clutches? No it is designed on the outer cover totally concealed from the clutches.

NOTE: Rest assured when you buy a Tauer  product you are supporting  American Jobs and Amercian Technology. We DON'T make our clutches overseas they are Made in the USA with the best quality components.  We hope whether you buy from us or others that you always try to keep it American whenever possible!! 

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